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Writing your first blog? Let’s make it easy!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Alright, so your presence on this page is evident of how confused you are in deciding what to write as your first blog post. Should it be something about you? (like a welcome post!) Or maybe it can be about your favorite holiday destination! I know settling on one topic is quite difficult right now, because you get to write your “first post” only once!

Can I really feel your pain? Yes!

And how? Because this is my first blog post too! (Well, actually the first one on this site.)

After pondering endlessly about the same, I finally decided to write on something that can solve this puzzle for many others. Here I have compiled a few tips that could help you make this perplexing task easy.

Write what you like, not what others say.

There are many such standards set out there (no offense!), on how you must decide a specific niche first. Although, focusing and writing on one niche is considered good as it helps you to specialize, but I suggest you to write on something that you love thinking about (at least in the start). Gradually, you’ll find your niche and then you can decide further. After all, being a jack of all trades is not so bad!

Can’t think of a specific topic? Write something about you.

A welcome post is a perfect first post if you are operating just a blog (and not a website, like me!). You can write about almost anything, you can tell your readers about who you are, what else you do or why you blog. A brief introduction will connect your readers to you and they will not feel strange about you anymore. Everyone likes to know about the person behind the curtain!

Done with picking the topic? Now plan how to write it.

Now, this portion is something serious to think about. Each writer has a specific way of writing that makes their USP. Some have a humorous tone while some have a formal style. You must discover your unique ‘voice’ that will reflect in your writing pieces. Write in a way that your readers engage with the content and feel connected. Try to think from their perspective. Your readers will recognize you because of this unique style!

Don’t get stuck at the intro, move on.

So, we all know this very well that the first line and the first paragraph (introduction) is what makes a person read further, and we want it to be attractive, right? Thinking about what to write that never fails in catching anyone's attention can take a heavy toll on your time and mind. Start with writing the body first, by the end of it you will get a fair idea on what to write as an introduction that also reflects the essence of the entire blog and persuades the reader to go further.

Check, check and check!

Before publishing your blog, make sure to check it thoroughly. Trust me, you’ll never like it when people point out mistakes on something you have already published. Refrain from degrading your work with irrelevant punctuation or grammar mistakes. You can check it through 'Grammarly' or any other online grammar checking software. Always proofread your work before publishing, it saves your reputation!

That’s all folks, now go ahead and write your blog. If you think this post was helpful, do like and comment on it, I would love to hear what you think about ‘My first blog post.’

And oh, Best of luck for your first blog post! :)

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